joey m.
Chula Vista, CA
I have had my two boys one of which is Autistic, at the Blue Dragon Martial Arts Academy for about a year now and we all are very satisfied. My story is kind of funny how we ended up at this amazing studio. About two years prior to me signing my kids up at BDMA I was shopping around and visiting all the martial art studios in the area. We had visited and considered the BDMA studio, but we had decided on some other studio that was newer and appeared nicer. I was confused at first because I had a friend that had her 2 sons at the BDMA studio and she would always brag to me how good this studio was. I told her my kids really liked the newer studio better. However, there prices were much higher than the BDMA studio. We went ahead and signed a 1 year membership. After spending about 6 months there, we started noticing many things that we weren't aware of. Like the way the studio only allowed my kids 2 classes per week and if they wanted to attend more then the monthly fee went up , they called it a program upgrade. They started charging for every little thing my kids wanted to learn...like weapon or leadership classes. Later, I found out the studio was a part of a large franchise and it seemed to be run like a one, the way all their programs were put together to maximize profits. The staff was real nice, but I felt they were charging way too much. I also felt as though they didn't understand how to teach my Autistic son. He became increasingly frustrated and he wasn't excited about going to class. So one day, my friend from BDMA studio had invited my family to a demonstration. She was asking me how is the other studio working out, we started talking and comparing. I asked her how much was she paying, how many classes per week can her kids attend, what were they learning...and so on. Wow! That's all I could say after she told me. My kids were learning Tae Kwon Do and she told me her kids were learning the same, but also much more like Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA and weapons. In addition, her kids could attend as many classes per week as they wanted to. I asked her if she was charged extra for learning all these things and she said no it was all included in their monthly membership that was way lower then I was paying. I thought to myself this is too good to be true. As I sat there and watched the BDMA demonstration I was amazed how skilled their kids were. So the following week I visited the BDMA studio and talk to the Master Instructor Anthony Caravelli and met the other staff...all were very nice and helpful. As I observed the classes I was impressed how professional the teachers were. Then I found out how experienced the Master instructor and his staff were, very impressive. All I can say, "never judge a book by its cover" especially martial art studios. My Autistic son loves BDMA and everyday reminds me to take him. If you looking for an individualized own business that offers personal attention by world class instructors then I highly recommend the BDMA studio.

Todd j.
Chula Vista, CA
I am fairly new to the Chula VIsta area. My kids have been attending BDMA's academy for about 9 months now. They love it and so do I !
Before we chose Blue Dragon's, I searched around visiting and doing my research on different schools and instructors, since there are so many in the area. I am not your average dad or parent that hasn't a clue on what to look for when searching for a school. I myself spent 20 years training in the martial arts under some really legit martial art instructors and hold a couple of black belts. Here are the many reasons we chose BDMA academy: 1) Teach a variety of things, my kids get learn Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu and they even have a kids gymnastic class. 2) Small classes or have a 5:1 student/instructor ratio 3) Mature staff that have experience working with children (I didn't want teenagers teaching my kids) 4) Fair prices ( some parent's think because you pay more for something that it is better, in the martial arts, not true). 5) Quality instructors - After doing my homework this place truly had the most experienced instructors. 6) Flexible class schedule - my kids are allowed unlimited classes per week...since they like it, they can come everyday and without paying extra. 7) Nurturing and family environment. 8) Competition Team -They had numerous National and World Champions trophies all over their academy. I found out this place competes and does well in the most prestigious tournaments, which means one thing...they aren't afraid to show what they produce and they are good at what they do. 8) And finally, most importantly, they teach positive values like respect, discipline and honor. This place rocks!

Mr. P.
Chula Vista, CA
My son has been going to Blue Dragon Martial Arts for over a year and I have seen huge improvements in his grades, social skills, and is learned to be respectful. I recommend Blue Dragon Martial Arts to anyone who is looking for a studio that truly cares about the children. Other studio's say the care, but all they care for is your $$. Sensei Tony has many years of with teaching kids. I have gone and reviewed other studios and they do not compare to what Blue Dragon Martial Arts has to offer. I would recommend Blue Dragon Martial Arts to everybody.

Rey F.
Chula Vista, CA
Both my kids have attended Blue Dragon Martial Arts, and both have gain tremendous confidence in doing so. My 15 yr old son obtained his black belt a couple of years ago, and continues to attend classes to improve himself. One thing we like about the studio is the diversity of program's offered. My son has participated in almost all, which includes Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai Boxing, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Wing Chun (Kung Fu). He was learning so much, that I decided to join him in the Wing Chun classes. Now, we both look forwarded to classes some we can execute moves on each other. My son is having a blast throwing me to the mat, and I am grateful for the opportunity Blue Dragon has given us to share this experience together. I would highly recommend Shifu Tony, and his school, to all.

Suzanne V.
Bonita, CA
My kids and I have been going to Blue Dragon Martial Arts since 2003. My son and I are both black belts and my daughter will earn her black belt in March. We love the studio, the instructors and especially Sensei Tony. This has been a great program for my kids. My son now does MMA and I do kickboxing and jiu jitsu. The instructors are great with kids, teens and adults and the classes are well suited for different skill levels and age groups. Great school and very highly recommended.

Tom and Yolanda L.
Chula Vista, CA
Excellent Karate studio and the staff is very friendly. 

Sensei Tony Caravelli is a great role model for all the students; he teaches discipline and respect. He accomplishes great results and encourages the students to achieve their very best. The students are motivated. All the other instructors are also very good, especially Sensei J. Michael, Sensei Joseph, Sensei Marco, and Sensei Oliver. The instruction is productive and fun. We see how the children love to play ball tag at the end of each session.

Our two boys Andy and Diego (11 and 8 yrs old) have been attending Blue Dragons Martial Arts for several years now and we are very pleased with the results. We plan to continue our boys in this studio as much as we can because besides great karate teaching, our boys are making very good friends. The environment is great!

If you are looking for a Martial Arts studio to attend, look no more, Blue Dragons Martial Arts is the answer; You will be very satisfied.

doug d.
Shingle Springs, CA
I am a pro mma fighter that travels back and fourth from Sacramento and San Diego to train at the Blue Dragon Martial Arts studio. Why do I travel down to San Diego ? Simple to train with one of the most knowledgeable instructors around. I am a undefeated fighter and I contribute my success to Coach Tony Caravelli the owner of Blue Dragons. I have trained at many gyms and big name studios, but Coach Tony has tuaght me the most. He is from one of the best gyms on the planet AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) of San Jose, home of the new UFC Heavywieght Champion, Cane Vasquez.. We thank him for his expertise and apprceiate greatly when he comes up to Sacramento to work with me and many other fighters from Urijah Favor gym and other gyms. Thanks Coach Tony....your the best.

Rachel And Gabe G
Chula Vista, CA
My daughter started at this studio in January 2011 and my husband and I have been truly grateful to Sensei Tony and his team for unlocking the talent we didn't know she had. From the first day until now, she has grown in so many different ways. Her confidence and self esteem are at an all time high and she is not afraid anymore to face up to the challenges that life throws at her. 

Sensei Tony's instructors are some of the best around. They are patient, kind and understanding to kids and adults of all ages. They work hard at making sure each of their students get the attention they deserve. 

We love it here and haven't had a moment of regret for choosing BDMA!

Yvonne S.
Chula Vista, CA
As a mom of two kids, I was very concerned when picking out a martial arts studio for my kids that I select the right one. My two top priorities were that I wanted my kids to learn the self defense techniques that would help them in today's rougher society, and that I wanted a studio that knew how to teach to kids with a positive, caring approach. I found both of these at Blue Dragon Martial Arts. Both of my kids started here when they were 4 years old. That is an age that requires special teaching techniques that encourage and motivate the kids but understand their limited attention capacity. I have found that Sensei Tony and his awesome instructors are skilled in training the students appropriately at every age level from 4 - teenagers. My kids are now 11 and 7 and have achieved their Black Belt and Brown/Black Stripe. They love going to the studio which is a family environment to them. They have the self defense skills and confidence that I was hoping they would get by joining Martial Arts. They are respectful and A students in school and have seen the rewards of committing to a long term training program. I am so happy with this studio and would recommend it to parents looking for a studio that will teach their kids valuable martial arts skills in a positive learning environment. Thank you Blue Dragon Martials Arts.

Javier S.
Chula Vista, CA
I can only tell you how much I recommend this place to everyone. I have been a student here for five years, I am a black belt and I have learned so much. I see how this can benefit everyone. Karate and every martial art I have learned here has helped me very much on pretty much every area of my life. I am much more organized, I have WAY better grades, I am not shy anymore, I am so much more fit, not even to mention how much I have learned! 

I have gone to other martial art studios where they focus in only one martial art. Before I thought that was the way to go, but with sensei Tony made me realize that being an expert in only one martial art is nice, but its not ideal, knowing what works in any given situation,. and knowing many martial arts gives you a sense of security and variety. Knowing different ways to defend myself make me feel safe, and I know that no matter if I'm on the floor, standing, or if the person is three times my size, it does not matter. I can defend myself.

The price for the classes is amazing, for one payment a month I can get all the classes I want, monday through friday, and during certain seasons even saturdays. I feel I have truly earned my belt, and I am very glad I chose Blue Dragon Mixed Martial Arts. I recommend it to everyone. You will learn how to defend yourself, and you will earn your belt. If you think martial arts are not for you think again! everyone can do it, but not everyone will finish the race, will you?

Amy O
Chula Vista, CA
We have been coming here for over five years. Everyone in the studio has worked extraordinarily well with my two boys - helping them to learn focus, discipline and commitment in addition to teaching them martial arts.

Russell S.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
I signed my 5 year old year old up for this martial arts school after researching several in the area - and love it. The main teacher (sensei Tony) is wonderful with kids. My boy who was a bit wild is now more focused and disciplined. He learned a few karate katas. He got his orange belt after almost a year of going 3 times per week. Sensei Tony told me that he believes that the kids should really earn their belts the right way and he sticks to that. I am going to start my 3 year old daughter there next year which is the biggest vote of recommendation I could possibly give. Highly recommended!

Jack M.
Bonita, CA
This is really the best place for martial arts. My kids have been coming here for years. I been to other places but they don't have the knowledge and experience that Tony has. He also offers more classes and better availability. Once we started coming here I knew we had found our place!

Brooke V.
National City, CA
I am a 40 year old female and I have been taking the Muay Ty Kickboxing class for a few weeks now. I LOVE IT!!!! I was worried at first that I would be the only female or the oldest. But, happily, I am not. I can't wait to go every Monday and Wednesday. I have never had so much fun exercising before. I have even had personal training in the past and it doesn't even compare to the hour that I do here!!!!! Brooke V.

Helen L.
Chula Vista, CA
My son who is working on his 2nd Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate has been with the Blue Dragon Martial Art studio and Sensei Tony for the past 8 years. Having practiced martial art in my youth I was looking for a studio that followed the traditional standards while making the classes interesting. This studio is the real thing and not one of those many franchises out there that churn out "black belts" by the dozens. Attention is paid to discipline, proper attitude and technical skills while making the class fun. It is not easy to keep a boy interested from elementary school to high school in the same thing unless it is interesting and grows with him. Blue Dragon is a multi discipline studio, allowing my son to train in the best of the martial arts. Having grounded himself in Tae Kwon Do and Karate, he expanded his skills into Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Art (MMA). Having an instructor like Sensei Tony who is skilled in multi discipline martial arts is rare. Sensei Tony is able to integrate various disciplines together in a meaningful way. My son's coaches in other sports have often commented he is stronger and better athlete in their sport because of his martial art training. I highly recommend Blue Dragon Martial Art to anyone serious about proper martial art training.

Andrew O.
Chula Vista, CA
As a long time student of this martial art studio, I have learned and continue to learn new things every time I am there. As this program grew over the years, the number of martial arts being taught have increased. Sensei Tony along with a group of teachers and long time students offer a wide variety of martial arts at beginner to intermediate level. This studio is a great place for anyone from a child first learning karate to a boxer in training to someone who just wants to get in shape. I've learned a lot of things that have helped me in other sports such as lacrosse and with my work ethic in school. I HIGHLY recommend this studio.

Joe A.
Chula Vista, CA
I have been training here for many years and have learned many arts and skills over that time. From Tae Kwon Do, to Kickboxing, Karate, Ju Jitsu, and Kung Fu.When ever I recommend a place to someone I always recommend Blue Dragon Martial Arts. Due to the quality of instruction and the vast amount of things to learn. There is something for everybody here.

Rene V.
Chula Vista, CA
Blue Dragons Marshal Arts by Sensei Tony Caravelli is the best marshall arts school in Eastern Chula Vista. We have three sons and one has already completed his black belt and BDMA contributed a lot to him being an excellent student and athlete in high school and college. We have two more sons who are entering their 3rd year, who love every class and cant wait to get thei black belts. The lessons are challenging but also fun and we have seen so many kids grow and develop to their fullest potential. Sensei Michael and Chez are great world class instructors who take the time to ensure the kids are learning and are challenged every class.

Keep up the good work BDMA!!

Janet D.
Chula Vista, CA
I was recommended to check out this dojo and Master Tony for my son by his kindergarten speech therapist! She said he has a pediatric occupational therapy background and he is great with kids! My son started and never gave up, 5th grader now that earned his Black Belt! I'm so proud of him and he is very thankful for his sensei that believed in him and taught him with patience and fun! It is truly amazing to think back and see pictures of my son at age 6 and to watch him now during belt testing! Being instructed by the excellent sensei has helped him so much with focus, memory, coordination, discipline, commitment, and strength! Everyone that I have recommended to do the 2 week trial, commits and is also happy!

I highly recommend Blue Dragon MMA!

Dani K.
Chula Vista, CA
There's not enough to be said about how wonderful Blue Dragon is. We have taken our son there for over a year and have watched him develop confidence, discipline, and martial art skills. Sensei Tony genuinely cares about the progress of each child and ensures each receives the attention they require to succeed. The children learn multiple disciplines, setting this studio apart from the rest. I love that the schedule isn't limited to a specific day each week. Our son can go every day if he wants to or we can pick the days that work best for our schedule each week. Overall, I would highly recommend Blue Dragon Martial Arts for anyone looking to help their child become more active and to learn valuable skills.

Rosario J.
Chula Vista, CA
After searching high and low for a studio, I finally found Blue Dragon! Not only did it meet my expectations, it exceeded them. The instructors and staff are great, they are great at communicating upcoming events or changes and as a mother of three, that's very important.

I would recommend this studio to anyone looking for themselves or for their children.

M W.
Chula Vista, CA
We have two kids who just started taking classes here. Please, if you're looking for martial arts classes in the South Bay, look no further. It's not the newest studio in town, but if you want quality instructors who are amazingly patient with beginners, this is the place for you.

M W.
National City, CA
Having only two months in this establishment I have learned a lot more compared to that of my recent traditional Tae Know Do school that I assisted for more than 10 years. My skills in martial arts have improved as well as my knowledge of other martial arts. My experience in this School has made me a better well rounded martial artists. Traditional martial arts is good but sometimes we need to get away from tradition and broad our perspective because in a real life situation traditional martial arts may not be useful in a street situation. Master Tony Caravelli is a seven degree black belt in Tae Know Do, Black Belt in Wynn Chung Kung Fu, and Black Belt in Jujitsu, and having more than eight years in Muay Thai and Boxing, he has the patience and determination to teach and make his students champions in any tournaments. Another fascinating thing about this Dojo is that Master Tony Caravelli provides his students with opportunities to attend tournaments, which in many Dojos you do not have this opportunity. He is a dedicated individual who will work and take time to teach his students how to be champions in the tournaments. He does not charge for his time and determination towards those students who want to attend tournaments. Another plus for this dojo is the price. The price cannot be beat by any Dojo. Before I attended this location I looked around for different locations and the prices were over the $100.00 range. Master Tony Caravelli price is lower by 10%-15% compared to other locations who charge $100.00-$155.00 per month for a year contracts. On top of the great price their is no initiation fee. The location is family owned and the instructors are dedicated and motivated to teach each students. Like I said before I come from a traditional Tae Know Do location who charges $135.00 per moth plus a $150.00 initiation fee for a year and I have learned more in two months compared to 10 plus years of pure Tae Know Do. Not only my skills in Tae Know Do have improved but my skills in using both my hand and leg coordination have drastically improved in the two months that I have been in attendance at this location. If you really want a place that is family friendly, has an awesome price, and you want to improve your skills in any art that is mentioned above; Blue Dragon Martial Arts is the Place for YOU!!!!!!!

Pat D.
Chula Vista, CA
This studio is great. My child has been coming here for 3 years. Sensei Tony has a well rounded curriculum. He teaches jiu jitsu, boxing taekwondo and many other matial arts He takes a personal interest in helping the students which is very refreshing. It is agreat place!

Miia G.
Chula Vista, CA
Best karate studio ever! my daughter has learned so much and has been able to perform and compete in tournaments. its Amazing how friendly the sensei's are with the children.

Cristina L.
Chula Vista, CA
This place is beyond EXCELLENT! My son has been attending blue dragon martial arts for almost 3 years now and he loves every part of it. He has developed an amazing martial arts skills, self-confidence, discipline, great focus and concentration ;).
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