Competition Team

BDMA has competed against some of the "BEST" martial art schools in the USA and has collectd hundreds of trophies and medals at Local, State, World's, Junior Olympics and National Competitions. A student is a mirror reflection of the instructor who is teaching them. As a result of phenominal instructions, BDMA competition team has proven to be one of the "BEST" around. Out of 1000's of martial art schools, BDMA is rated as one of the "Best". In 2013, BDMA's made history by being the first studio ever in San Diego history to have 8 students rated in the "PAC TEN". BDMA compete's in the most challenging "Open Martial Art Competitions in the USA. Regardless of style or martial art organization, in Open Tournaments everyone is invited. Many studios avoid "Open Competitions". In fact, many studios will only compete among themselves in their own organzations, then make claims they are a World Champions, when in fact they never competed against other studios or organizations. 

At BDMA, We never force our student's to compete. Competing is one way to evaluate a students developing skills as a martial artist. Meeting up with another competitor in front of a large crowd of spectators is not only a great thrill, it gives a student the opportunity to push the boundaries of their potential. When they win, a student's pride and confidence will increase. Competition isn’t really about winning or losing, it’s about pushing a student to their limits, about learning and striving to become better. Competitions teach students life lessons, about winning , losing, trying their best and offer challenge that leads to personal growth. 

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